Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fitting girl #1

Hello everyone !
I don't really know where to begin as this is my first post !! Before I move on I am going to explain you guys my concept. As you maybe already have noticed I called myself the fitting girl, the reason for this nickname is because of the fact that I will be doing outfit posts in multiple stores and YES in the fitting rooms. Because I am on a more realistic budget and I can't go ahead and buy everything I want, I thought this was a creative way of sharing my favourite outfits !! I hope you like my outfits and if you have any questions or brand suggestions please comment them below !

THANK YOU SO MUCH and enjoy 


My first outfit is a more sophisticated simple sexy looking look. I loovee loovee black, its my number 1 go to when I am without inspiration. As I walked in the Zara store in Brussels I saw this woolen sweater hanging just right above this amazing suède skirt with these long fringles. I have to say this is one of my most favourite skirts ever ! It's not as revealing but yet it's so sexy and elegant and fits perfectly. Here is another picture of my first outfit :

For mixing this outfit with some more leather in stead of suède, I chose this leather pants also from their new collection. Although I wanted the pants to be more tight I think these pants are so cool and go with almost everything!

I hope you liked my outfits ;)


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